The Voice of our Youth

To the FLITE center,

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”-Les Brown. When I think of how much the staff at the FLITE Center aided mw in making me a better person, this quote comes to mind. No matter how many times I fail, and we all know I have my share of failures; you all are always there to remind me that I can do anything. Never giving me false hope and always there to speak truth I may not want to hear but need to. I believe each and every one of the staff members are honest in all that they do and not afraid to advocate for us when no one else will. I am so thankful that I have been able to be someone you are willing to help and see that my future is brighter than what my past tried to dim. The effort and determination to help me will never be forgotten and now I have the wonderful honor to stand by you and help my peers and so many others shoot for the moon.

During the past few weeks of tutoring, I have improved in mathematics tremendously. I started tutoring with you two weeks prior to taking my GED test. We only tutored twice during the days you come. During tutoring you noticed I needed extra one on one time and you came in the day before my test. I truly appreciate that because that was your day off and you took the time to come in to help me. The few things that we reviewed really made a great impact, because the following day I went to take my test and I past. I don’t think I could have done it with out your help. Out of all the tutors that comes to Flite Center you are the only one who made an impact on me. I want to be like you, somebody who can make a difference in somebody’s life. So I want to take time out to thank you and the Flite’s College Boost program for always supporting and pushing me towards my educational goals.

Hey!!!!! I had to do a presentation today and it was on Family Genetics… I sent my partner the finished power point and told her to add whatever she felt it needed. She thought it was a good idea to put her entire family on it (which was a great idea considering the topic) but when I realized I had no group pics with my bio family I was like dang! All I have are photos together with a bunch of people who look nothing like me! Lol but I thought about the other youth and they deal with awkward situations like that allll the time. But I used a group picture of all of y’all who look nothing like me because you guys are my family! Thank you again.. Sorry for the long text I just wanted to say thank you for being apart of my family
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My name is Crystal B. Christy; I am twenty-two years old and on my last year of the road to independence and receiving the last of my R.T.I checks. I have come so far with the help from the staff at the FLITE center and the money that has been granted for our program. For the last four years my R.T.I coach Stephen Cook has given me years of advice and confidence to caution my education and being confident. For example, last year I fell into a deep depression because I was failing all my classes at Broward College and believe that I would never amount to anything, with a low self of stem and a bleak and gloomy outlook on life I started to contemplate suicide. However, Mr. Cook believed in me and saw something I could not see in my self and that was the will and intelligence to succeed. I was able to find the confidence I needed and last December graduated from Broward College with my AA degree and honors. However, after receiving my AA degree I found out I would need to take eight hours of a second language at Broward so that I’d be able to attend UCF. Unfortunately the college could not offer me financial add but, once more the FLITE center came to my rescue and funded the money to pay for my classes and books. I would like to thank every one ayt the FLITE center for helping me make my dreams come true now after leaving Broward and the R.T.I program I am ready to go to UCF get a part time job and function and stand on my own. If it wasn’t for the staff and money granted to the FLITE center I would have never made it this far, thank you.
Sincerely and with much appreciation,
Crystal B. Christy