Youth Info

flitecenter.orgWhen you’ve been part of the Broward County foster care system, you look forward to your 18th birthday with a mixture of excitement and concern. Excitement because on that day you become a legal adult, fully responsible for your own future. Concern for exactly the same reason.

That’s why we created the Fort Lauderdale Independence Training & Education Center. It’s designed to connect you with all of assistance that’s available in the community, assistance that can help you develop skills to function as successfully as possible in the adult world.

The FLITE Center and the community agencies we partner with are committed to supporting you as you set out on your own, offering a place for you to bond with others making the same transition and an environment where you can find the support you need to overcome greater challenges and take on greater responsibilities.

We encourage you to visit the FLITE Center to learn more about how we can help you as you transition to the adult world. In the coming months, we’ll be providing a resource center here on the Website to assist you, but in the meantime, you can always call our office at (954) 530-4686.